Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What {color} Would You Do?

I need some color help.

A few months back I found this beauty at an estate sale for $15! I have big plans to make it a "wine bar".
(Ok maybe not a beauty but one day she will be)
At first, I liked the green- Yes, anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE green! But I realize now (after having looked at this "70's olive green" with a glaze for a couple of months) that she needs some sprucing up! A fresh new coat of paint could do her wonders!

But now I don't know what color to choose! Our walls now are a tan but in our next house (whenever that may be) I would love to have gray walls. So I need the color of this piece to work well with both. AND I plan on putting some blue lamps on top like these:
via Z Gallerie
This option is a little pricy but I have a DIY fix- but more on that later!

Some ideas...

Charcoal Gray

Light Blue

Light Green

Navy  Blue

Peacock Blue


 All of these were done using Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. Do you like any of these or would you go for something different!? Please let me know!

What color would you choose?
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sophisticated Baby!

I don't know what it is about 2011 but it must be the year to have a baby! I joke and say I am only drinking bottled or filtered water from now on because something has got to be in the water!!! 

Even though there isn't a child in my future any time soon, I enjoy looking at all the cute baby stuff out there on Pinterest and one day I will be able to put all this inspiration to use! But for now- I get to make baby gifts!! 

My cousin's son just turned one about a month ago. I went looking for a fun toy for his birthday gift. All I could find were toys that made an awful lot of noise or toys made for 3+ year olds. So I decided to make something.


I found this on none other than Pinterest from a cute shop on Etsy named Mosie Posies 
that has all sorts of cute baby gift ideas!  I thought this was adorable and DIY-able. So I got to work. 

I created this in about 15 minutes on Microsoft Word using WordArt and filling it with colors that matched his bedroom! I then framed it in a simple white frame with a white mat and it turned out (almost) identical to the cute ones from Etsy! I know that this is not a typical gift for a one-year old but I thought his parents would enjoy it more than a super loud toy! 

Update: I have had quite a few questions on how to create this birth announcement. I have tried my best to simply explain the process! Open Microsoft Word and go to the insert tab. Insert- Picture- Word Art. Type in the text you would like for the first line. To stretch it to be taller and wider, just click on the word, click and hold one of the black corner squares and then drag to the right until it is the size you want. On the second line with the middle and last name, do the same thing as above but just insert a separate word art for each but on the same line. The dotted line is just a row of periods stretched and made short to fit across the page. The next few lines are the same as the first. Just insert and then stretch to make it the size you would like. You can copy and paste the dotted line. The bottom line with the date and time- same as the middle and last name line with separate word art on the same line. To stack the city and state, type in the city and then hit enter and then type the state to stack below. Then insert. To change the color- click on the word art. In the word art tool bar, click the paint bucket and brush. The choose your color from the drop down menu for both the fill color and line color.  

Thanks to Marcella, she has explained how to create this word art in more recent versions of Word Go to Insert > Word Art > Choose a Color of font > Under the "Text Effects" Drop Down, Choose "Transform" and then choose the first item under "Warp."  This will allow you to stretch the words as you wish.  From there you can alter the text any way you wish. 

Sorry I do not have a template available for download! 

Like I said earlier, we have quite a few friends that are having little ones soon! I found the most adorable pacifiers and bibs that I thought would make great gifts for Baby McKenzie and Baby Kirksey! 
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
The prices weren't bad but I thought I could also easily make these too! The stitches may not be as straight and perfect and the mustache may sit the tiniest bit crooked but it was handmade and I always like a handmade gift from a friend! Makes it a little more personal!! 

So first step- 
I first found a mustache shape I liked from the internet and printed it off. I cut it out and traced it on to a piece of craft foam that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I then added a little hot glue to the top middle of the pacifier and centered the mustache in place.

I absolutely L.O.V.E these! I will be making these again for many baby gifts to come! They were SO EASY!

For the bibs I bought a pack from Target and three (1/4 yards) of fabric and iron on backing from Hobby Lobby. I found a picture of a tie and a bow tie on the internet and printed them off to the size that I needed. 

I traced the pattern on but cut out a rectangle with each bow tie and tie (I didn't want to cut out the shape yet because it would make it harder to iron on the backing). 

This stuff is easy to use. There is a dull side and a side that has shiny dots of "glue" (there might be a fancier sewing name for this but for now, I will just call it glue). Put the wrong side (back side) of the fabric to the shiny side of the backing. That way when you iron the "glue" will stick to the back of the fabric. The "glue" can stick to the iron if you don't have a fabric on top so that is why I cut out rectangles at first. I would be hard to iron the ties and bow ties down and not touch the backing. (NOTE: I just learned last night about Wonder Under- I think this would be a better option and can't wait to try it out!)

I then cut out the ties (I would suggest going over the ties again with the iron to make sure all the edges are really stuck together. Mine came up a little when I was sewing). 

I placed the ties and bow ties on the bibs and pinned them down. 

And then I started sewing.

I know it might have had something to do with the sew-ee but my machine gave me fits on a couple of bibs.It worked perfect on some and then went bizerk on others- for no reason at all. It may have been the fact that it was "vintage". 
 Ok, Ok I am making up excuses... so I do admit a couple of the bibs came out a little rough. 

 In the end I love the cute bibs and pacifiers I made! I think Baby McKenzie and Baby Kirksey will be some of the most sophisticated new kids on the block!! 

P.S- The bibs and pacifier were a hit last night at the shower! I already have orders to make more!! I'm so excited! 

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex!

I just wanted to take a second to brag on my sweet husband!

This time of year our house is over run with tomatoes, cilantro, and mason jars! Yes- it is salsa season! Every week David makes fresh batches of salsa for our local Farmers' Market on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings! I have a hard time getting up and out of the house by 6:45 a.m. on a Saturday but David is up and at 'em every week selling salsa and any vegetables that we have from our garden or from other local gardeners.

This weekend was the Second Annual Salsa Contest. We entered our mild and medium but also decided to try our hand at a Peach Salsa recipe for the "Specialty Salsa" category. David found a recipe online that he thought would worked. He blended the ingredients (including fresh Pittsburg, Texas peaches that we got from Comeback Creek Farm at our Farmers' Market Thursday evening and Nashville, Arkansas peaches from David's grandparents). After it was all blended together we didn't like the way it tasted. David tweaked it until about 11:00 p.m. and decided just to can it and put in the competition for the heck of it. He didn't expect it to do well at all.

So Saturday morning comes around (really early) and we head up to the market and set up our salsa, vegetables, lemonade stand, and a few wreaths that I have been trying to sell since March.

The market had a great turn out! We were busy all morning. The Salsa contest started about 10:00 with over 35 entries. There was a Mariachi singer in full Mexican get up- sombrero and all- that serenaded all of the market guests!! 
via Texarkana Gazette  
I don't know how he could stand to be in all that clothing in the 100+ degree heat! (That's my mama in the background! - Our family on all sides came to the market and helped with the contest)

via Texarkana Gazette

There was a great turnout- 108 ballots cast and over 300 guests at the market between 7:00 a.m. and Noon. When it came down to announcing the winners, David and I didn't expect much! We were surprised to hear that we won the "Medium Salsa" category- we won a colorful knife set that I love (they will look so good in my kitchen). The next announcement surprised us even more when they announced that we had won the "Specialty Salsa" category (We hadn't even tasted it after it had been canned but somehow it turned out much better than we expected)! And then the biggest surprise of all- David's Peach Salsa was named the "Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex" with the most votes cast out of all 35 entries!!! OH.MY.GOODNESS!! David was shocked!!

The day was a lot of fun! All of the vendors did well! Nelson sold out of lemonade shortly after the contest- some of that salsa was HOT! I actually sold 3 wreaths (YAY) and many other vendors sold out!

Check out the front page article in the Texarkana Gazette from this Sunday Morning! The video is great!

Hot & Spicy
Rookie racks up at salsa contest
By: Lareign Ward - Texarkana Gazette

David Orr’s peach salsa beat out 35 others Saturday to be named best salsa in the Ark-La-Tex.
Orr mixed peaches from Nashville, Ark., with regular homemade salsa for his winning recipe in a competition at Farmers’ Market in downtown Texarkana, Texas.

“It was really my first time” making the recipe, the Texarkana resident said.

His regular salsa won the medium-hot category.

Other categories included mild, hot, extra-hot and specialty. Orr’s peach salsa was named best in the specialty category.

For his efforts, Orr was rewarded with an oven roaster
“How am I supposed to make salsa out of this?” Orr joked as he accepted his prize. 

After winning the inaugural Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex Contest in 2010, Bonita Smith of Stamps, Ark., had to settle for second place this year. She won a blender for making salsa.

Category winners received knife sets.

Ironwood Grill received the most votes in the restaurant-only competition. 

As she prepared to announce the winners, Farmers’ Market manager Adra Hallford noted 108 ballots had been cast.

“It was hot; it was heavy,” Hallford said. “The competition was fierce, and the salsa was fantastic.”

Salsa was identified only by number for judging, but many entrants sold their salsa by the jar. This led some fans to walk around the market and ask each vendor what number their salsa was, all in hopes of finding some of their favorite for sale.

Michele Aitchison of Texarkana, Texas, sampled sauces in the hot category and said she preferred salsa with visible vegetables. Aitchison, an Oregon native who recently moved to the city, said there’s a noticeable difference in salsa between the two locations. 

“They don’t do it in Oregon very well,” she said. 

The art of making salsa is a family affair for Michael Austin, 9, and 11-year-old brother Nathan, both of Texarkana, Ark. They proudly displayed some of Austin’s Finest “Liquid Fire.” 

“This is our hottest one,” Nathan said. “It’s got mostly cayenne in it, with some jalapeƱos and a little bit of tomatoes.”

Michael added, “You’ve only got to put a little bit on your taco.”

Austin’s Finest is run by Nathan and Michael’s parents, Micah and Denise Austin, along with their uncle, Nathan Austin.

Don Barfield of New Boston, Texas, entered salsa his wife makes using a recipe passed down from his grandmother. 

“Nobody but my grandmother and my wife know how much of each ingredient (to use),” Barfield said. 

Hallford said customers were lined up at 6:15 a.m., even though the market doesn’t open until 7. She thinks the size of Saturday’s crowd means word is getting around about both the market and the salsa competition.

“For a young market, this is fantastic,” Hallford said. “This is really only our second year (in operation). I think we’re building something that’s really going to work.”

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chevron Crush

I have to admit... I have a tiny little crush on Chevron prints. Ok, not tiny- it's a rather large crush on Chevron. I would have the print all over my house on pillows, walls, floors, bed- anything that sat still long enough for me to find a way to make it Chevron (watch out Berk!).

That being said I think Chevron is a great accent to any room. It can be done subtly or very graphic- it just depends on the room and how much Chevron you think it could handle!!

Pinterest has become my new best friend; I seem to be addicted to it! I have been wanting to lighten up my bedding in my master bedroom for a little while now- The other day I spotted this bedspread from Urban Outfitters.
via Urban Outfitters

I love it but I think it might be a little much for our bedroom- and maybe not as "grown up" as a Master Bedroom should look. 

So then I thought- I could do shams in Chevron.

via Urban Outfitters

I could still get the print I love but in a toned down version- and guess what- Urban Outfitters sells Chevron Shams in three colors!!! Oh the possibilities!

So the plan:   I would love to have a simple white bedspread. I feel this will lighten up the room and give me a blank canvas for adding fun shams and throw pillows! I found this tutorial on Pinterest for a DIY duvet cover and I fell in love! It is knock-off of another Urban Outfitters duvet.

via Pinterest
Isn't it lovely-The ruffles may be a little feminine for David's taste but maybe a few "manly" throw pillows will fix that. I have some coral euro shams that came with our bedding we have now and some white "flokati" (furry) throw pillows. Maybe with the blue chevron pillows above and a burlap pillow like this-

via Pinterest
I'll have to let you know how it turns out- hopefully soon!! Until then... I'm off to look for more Chevron for other rooms of the house!!

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
 And I even found something for Berk- but I might see if I can make it!

via Pinterest
Have a great day!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am going to give this blogging thing a try! I have become addicted to reading other's blogs and getting new ideas everyday from blogs and pinterest. I thought having a blog might help in the motivation department and I can really start getting some of my projects done!! They are beginning to pile up and I have no room to bring home any new ones! I will use this blog to display my current home projects, client projects and a splash of DIY! Now that I have a pretty blog- thanks to Jen Gets Fancy (button at the bottom of the page)- I can't wait to get started!!
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