Wednesday, March 28, 2012

30 before 30

I still have a few years before I turn 30 but I finally decided to put down on paper all the things I have been making a mental note to do before I reach that next milestone. Some are silly, some we had already planned to do (without me having them on the list; babies and home... etc.) and some might be a little ambitious but I'm still going to try!! I'm hoping this will keep me accountable to really LIVING, and not just getting lost in the busyness of day-to-day. So here it goes!

1.   Learn to make my grandmother's "Nonna Cream"
2.   Start my own interior design business
3.   Start our family
4.   Visit all 50 states with my honey- 8 down... 42 to go!
5.   Be more productive!
6.   Read the bible from beginning to end
7.   Take a wine class... or somehow learn more about wine
8.   Learn Photoshop
9.   Learn how to shoot in manual mode on our DSLR
10. Do something unexpected for someone else

11. Become a better cook- and learn to love it
12. Sew a quilt
13. Visit NYC at Christmas time
14. Cook an entire meal from Farmers Market
15. Buy our first home
16. Host a holiday gathering for ALL sides of our families
17. Donate my time to a good cause
18. Start a dinner club with my closest girlfriends
19. Finish our wedding scrapbook
20. Host a Craft-a-Palooza at my house
21. Plan and Throw the perfect party for someone
22. Learn to be more of a morning person! Quit hitting snooze!
23. Buy a nice lens with zoom for our camera
24. Rent a convertible and travel through Napa Valley
25. Stop drinking sodas- started but this will take a while
26. Work-out on a regular basis... as in actually starting to work-out
27. Visit a continent I have never been to
28. Stomp Grapes
29. Dance in the Rain
30. Own a set of Barcelona Chairs

To celebrate making my list, my Nonna and I are making "Nonna Cream" this Friday night. It is an old family recipe for a cream or ointment that just seems to cure anything! I'm excited to learn how to make it and be able to pass the recipe along to family and always remember my Nonna.

Anyone have a 30 before 30 list? 40 before 40 or any list of things you would like to complete before a big milestone? I'd love to hear some of your goals!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Wreath

I love coming home to a welcoming wreath on our door. I recycled my last years wreath and just added a few new flowers to spruce it up. I found the cute sign at our local garden store and added the feathers, flowers, bird house and grapevine balls that I found at Hobby Lobby.

"May this home be filled with love and laughter"

I'm linking up with Rhoda's Door Decor Party.
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