Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What {color} Would You Do?

I need some color help.

A few months back I found this beauty at an estate sale for $15! I have big plans to make it a "wine bar".
(Ok maybe not a beauty but one day she will be)
At first, I liked the green- Yes, anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE green! But I realize now (after having looked at this "70's olive green" with a glaze for a couple of months) that she needs some sprucing up! A fresh new coat of paint could do her wonders!

But now I don't know what color to choose! Our walls now are a tan but in our next house (whenever that may be) I would love to have gray walls. So I need the color of this piece to work well with both. AND I plan on putting some blue lamps on top like these:
via Z Gallerie
This option is a little pricy but I have a DIY fix- but more on that later!

Some ideas...

Charcoal Gray

Light Blue

Light Green

Navy  Blue

Peacock Blue


 All of these were done using Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. Do you like any of these or would you go for something different!? Please let me know!

What color would you choose?
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  1. What a cute sideboard! I can't believe you got that for $15! I've been searching for one for months and never found one for cheaper than $80.

    I think a classic and neutral furniture color is white. It would go well with tan or gray walls, don't you think? If white is too boring, you could do a fun pattern on top - like quatrefoil or chevron - in a different color. I have a chevron template on my blog, by the way :)

  2. Thank you Lauren! I love chevron (as you have already found out!) Thanks for following!

  3. What a deal! I'm such a sucker for white, black or chocolate brown because it will go with anything! I just posted about some different wall colors on my blog but a furniture white I've used is Snow White by Behr.

  4. Thanks Stacey! I have been leaning towards white.

  5. Love the Sherwin Williams Visual Colorizer!
    Favorite color from options above: Peacock Blue
    I was originally thinking: White, Black, or Red
    I think any of those 4 would be fantastic and not just a fad! I too like the idea of painting a design on part of it, the top or sides.
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. I love the Peacock too! Just a fun pop!!


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