Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Date Night} March... April

We were just a little late on our second "March" date from our date basket. I planned two dates in March because I knew the last one would be more for me. But... we just never got around to it. We improvised though and just pushed it back a few weeks.

This date was a coffee and bookstore date. I got the idea from Love, Actually- a fun website full of great date ideas.

In his envelope I included the info sheet describing the date, gift card to Starbucks, and two game cards.
You can download the game cards here!

We started off the night at Starbucks with our favorite drinks. (I know... we took Starbucks into Books-a-Million... I like it better than Joe Muggs.)

We had a lot of fun with all of the sets. We found great recipes to try, places we wanted to visit, new date ideas, funny jokes and our favorite childhood books. (we left off set 4 though... too much fun for one night!)

 It was a great and inexpensive date! Just a couple of cups of coffee! Since we pushed this date back to April, we still have to make it to our original April date! Let's see if we can get that done in the next week!!

Be sure to check out our other dates. You can find them all here!

Monday, April 23, 2012

{Wedding Planning} Engagement Photos

Everything is on a roll for my sister's upcoming wedding! I had the privilege of taking this cute couple's engagement photos a couple of weeks ago! I am no professional photographer but I have a nice camera (although I don't really know all the bells and whistles) and I gave them a good price! (free) : )

We pinned cute photo ideas on Pinterest and had a great time posing and snapping away! Here are a few of my favorites! 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{Date Night} March

 It took us forever to get around to going on our date from the date basket in March. I had planned two dates and only one happened... and it technically happened on April 1! We will just bump the other date into April too!

This months date was to Canton Trade Days! It is a large flea market that takes place the weekend of the first Monday of every month in Canton, Texas.

In his envelope I included the info sheet describing the date, a couple of maps, some spending money, and some "taco dólares" (probably not proper Spanish but he got the idea!) for the $1 taco stand that David loves!
I knew this date was not something David would be jumping for joy to go on.. He has a good time when we go but I am the one who enjoys digging through piles of junk treasures!! So I bribed David with the food- I think he ate about 4 times while we were there! 

I was pretty lucky with my finds Sunday! I have been on the hunt for a great old wooden ladder to put in our living room to hold blankets. I wanted a more primitive ladder that just leaned on the wall but couldn't find one at a decent price. I was able to pick up this old wood ladder for only $10. 

We also found a great metal globe! Not sure where we are going to put it for now but we both loved it and couldn't pass it up! 

Another fun find was this metal orb. 
I am hoping one day to make an orb light fixture similar to this one.
 But that will have to wait until we actually have a place for this large of a light! 

We had a lot of fun, found some other great things, and got a little sunburned. Overall it was a great weekend! 

What are some of your favorite flea market finds? 

Monday, April 2, 2012

happy march moments

All photos from my Instagram- alauraorr
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