Friday, July 15, 2011

Chevron Crush

I have to admit... I have a tiny little crush on Chevron prints. Ok, not tiny- it's a rather large crush on Chevron. I would have the print all over my house on pillows, walls, floors, bed- anything that sat still long enough for me to find a way to make it Chevron (watch out Berk!).

That being said I think Chevron is a great accent to any room. It can be done subtly or very graphic- it just depends on the room and how much Chevron you think it could handle!!

Pinterest has become my new best friend; I seem to be addicted to it! I have been wanting to lighten up my bedding in my master bedroom for a little while now- The other day I spotted this bedspread from Urban Outfitters.
via Urban Outfitters

I love it but I think it might be a little much for our bedroom- and maybe not as "grown up" as a Master Bedroom should look. 

So then I thought- I could do shams in Chevron.

via Urban Outfitters

I could still get the print I love but in a toned down version- and guess what- Urban Outfitters sells Chevron Shams in three colors!!! Oh the possibilities!

So the plan:   I would love to have a simple white bedspread. I feel this will lighten up the room and give me a blank canvas for adding fun shams and throw pillows! I found this tutorial on Pinterest for a DIY duvet cover and I fell in love! It is knock-off of another Urban Outfitters duvet.

via Pinterest
Isn't it lovely-The ruffles may be a little feminine for David's taste but maybe a few "manly" throw pillows will fix that. I have some coral euro shams that came with our bedding we have now and some white "flokati" (furry) throw pillows. Maybe with the blue chevron pillows above and a burlap pillow like this-

via Pinterest
I'll have to let you know how it turns out- hopefully soon!! Until then... I'm off to look for more Chevron for other rooms of the house!!

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
 And I even found something for Berk- but I might see if I can make it!

via Pinterest
Have a great day!!

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  1. I love chevron too! It's fun and love love it! I'm a new follower!

    Have a great day!


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