Saturday, October 6, 2012

{31 Days} Do Whatcha Gotta Do

Day 6: Do Whatcha Gotta Do

Just getting this post in in the nick of time! The reason- David and I had a garage sale and are completely worn out! We pulled a late night last night- later than this old married couple ever see- and then worked from sun up til sun down today!

Sometimes, as a DIY hoarder, you do what you got to do to make space in the junk room and keep the husband happy!! I sadly had to part with some of my projects at today's sale. I had a small business dream a little over a year ago that I would hunt down great deals on furniture and bring it home to fix up and sale for a profit- but that dream didn't get too far past a collection of chairs, a few tables, and one large dinning set before I soon realized that these projects take time and that is time I didn't really have. So I sadly said goodbye to quite a few today but... I saved just a couple to hopefully get to soon!! We'll see!

Sorry there is no fun DIY project today! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

6 down! 25 to go!!

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