Friday, June 1, 2012

Paint Your Own Pet

My sister and I wanted to do something special and fun for our mom for Mother's Day. After telling my mom about the painting classes that David and I went to earlier this year, I knew it was somewhere I needed to take her! Mom used to paint in high school and loved it, but she hasn't picked up a paint brush in quite a few years. My sister and I planned this fun getaway and kept it a secret from Mom until we were walking in to the door!!

I wanted to find a painting that each one of us would love to hang in our home. After looking through many of the classes, I came up on the Paint Your Own Pet!
  I had a hard time choosing a favorite photo of Berkley to paint. Then, I ran across this adorable painting in the latest issue of Rue Magazine and knew I wanted to use it as my inspiration painting!

Rue Magazine- Page 109

I emailed over all of our photos and they were pre-sketched on each canvas! We had a great time trying to make our painting look just like our pups.
Emily and Reveille

Me and Berkley

Mama and Ranger
 I think they all turned out great! I'm so excited to have a painting of my baby!!
 Berk is so sophisticated!! I was told all he his missing is his glass of wine!

What do you think? Do you have a special painting or photo of your four-legged friends? I think it might just be my most favorite piece of art in my home!

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