Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Party Planning

How did anyone ever plan a party without Pinterest? I know that it can be done but with all the great ideas out there, it sure helps get the plan together faster!

For the Couple's Shower we hosted this past weekend, Pinterest was my best friend. We wanted a fun and colorful but still rustic theme for the shower. Something not too girly and a little touch of masculine so the guys would feel at home. We decided on a color scheme of turquoise, green and coral and a camping/picnic-y feel with the decor. Here are a few projects that I found on Pinterest to help pull our party together-

I saw Jenn's adorable scrappy garland and knew that I wanted to make one but didn't know where until planning the party. It was just the rustic pop of color we needed over the photo booth and around the s'mores table.

Jenn has a great tutorial that I followed. I got a little carried away at cutting fabric and had enough to make two! I used different shades of muslin, a plaid shirt and green t-shirt from the thrift store, and a coral dish towel to get the look I was going for.

To showcase some snapshots of the two of them, I created a picture collage frame (like Kirsten's) out of an old frame I picked up at a flea market.I painted the frame a pretty mint color and then strung twine around the nails that were already in place around the frame. We attached the photos with mini clothespins.

Fossil.Life.Style has a tutorial for these cute twiggy candle holders.
I first tried to do this project without reading the tutorial and used hot glue (because hot glue is supposed to work on everything, right?) to adhere the sticks to the glass candle holders. I would get half way around the holder and the sticks would all fall off- dried glue and all. Then I read the tutorial and found out that E6000 is the trick. It was a little bit of a pain because E6000 doesn't dry quickly and the sticks slid all over the place but now that it s dry- these sticks aren't going anywhere!!

For Emily's guest book, I found a large, unfinished, wooden "M" at Canton a month or so ago, and I painted each side with a flat white paint. We had her guests sign on the back with colorful sharpies. The front is left white and she can put it up in her house like this pin from the Handmade Home suggests.

The guests also added funny memories in to the buckets for "things Clint should know about Emily" and "things Emily should know about Clint". I found this pin and thought all of their friends would enjoy sharing a few secrets. Emily said they had a great time reading through all the slips of paper that night after the shower.

I knew from the beginning I wanted a ton of fresh flowers around the space. For a bright pop of color, I decided to use this inspiration and create paint-dipped mason jars. I mixed up a coral and mint color and swirled the bottoms of the jars in the paint. I made sure to get it somewhat thick so the paint would run after I turned it upside down to dry. These are so easy and inexpensive and really add a pop to what would normally just be a clear vase.

These jars have been on my Pinterest for forever! I love the floating candles and raffia. If you do this- be sure to buy the heart shaped floating candles from Hobby Lobby. The larger round ones I think are too big to fit through the jar.

My favorite project of the night- Wine Bottle Tiki Torches (I got this amazing idea here with this great tutorial). I have an huge supply of empty wine bottles and I now have a use for them! Everyone loved them and I plan on making a few more as gifts and for our lake house. The cost per bottle runs about $6 so not a bad investment if you are looking to get rid of a few pesky mosquitoes!

I'm happy to finally cross a few projects off my to-do Pinterest list! It feels good to get some things done!! do you have any fun summer projects on your to-do list?

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  1. All these projects are just so good! Your garlands are adorable (thanks for the mention :). And I LOVE the wood candles holders -- so cute!


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