Monday, January 23, 2012

{Date Night} January

David and I went on our first date from his birthday date basket this weekend! The date was something we had never done before. We went to a Painting with a Twist class. SO. MUCH. FUN!
In the envelope I included an info sheet describing the date, a gift card to Raising Canes for dinner, our confirmation page for the class, an "example" painting and a few paint brushes just for fun!

I was a little worried at first that David would hate the date! David is not much of the paint-a-pretty-picture kind of person! But after looking on the calendar, I spotted a class I knew he would love. Paint Your Own Rodrique Blue Dog.

Have you heard of Rodrique's Blue Dogs? David and I first spotted them on our trip to New Orleans a little over a year ago. David has loved them ever since.  I thought it would be fun for us to paint our own (since we will never be able to afford an original!).
George Rodrique
We started the evening off with dinner at Raising Canes and then headed to the class.  We checked in and picked up our canvases and our "twist"- a bottle of wine.
They had pre-sketched out our pictures since everyone's would be different. David painted George Rodrique's LSU Blue Dog but we changed it from a LSU jersey to a Razorback jersey!! I painted the Blue Dog sitting in an Eames Rocker!  The teacher taught us the basics of how to paint the Blue Dog and then they walked around to help with everyone's background.

David finished his in time but I took a little too long trying to make all the blues blend that I had to kind of rush on my background but came home and put on the finishing touches! We both left feeling pretty impressed with our painting abilities!! 

We both had a wonderful time! If there is a Painting with a Twist location near you, you should give it a try! We are looking forward to going to another class soon! 

UPDATE- David and I had so much fun in January we decided to go back for our Valentine's date and paint another Blue Dog!! 


  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I love George Rodrigue. I had never heard of Painting with a Twist, but I found a location just a few minutes from me. I'm definitely going to sign up the next time they have a Blue Dog class.

  2. We had such a great time! We are going back for another class this Saturday!!


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