Friday, September 30, 2011

The Painted Rug

I love a bold geometric pattern and a fun color combo! I really think they make a statement on a rug. Rugs can be pretty pricy but many people have found creative and budget-friendly ways to make their own statement piece from a simple Ikea rug. Check out these great designs!
Bird House Blog
Charm Home
House of Smiths
Cape 27

All of these rugs started with a basic rug from Ikea-
It looks like it comes in two sizes and prices range from $40 to $60! A steal for a 6' x 8' rug!! 

There are so many great patterns out there there to choose from. Hopefully I can make a trip to Ikea soon and get started on my very own!


  1. I love this! I would be pretty nervous about ruining it somehow in the process of creating my design. Can't wait to find out how you did yours. Ikea is only few miles from me. I might have to give it a shot too....

  2. Hey Laura, I'm enjoying your blog! Eduardo and I are getting settled into our new place in Illinois and the last big thing I have been putting off is our curtains - which I am being super picky about. I've just about decided I'm going to try painting them with a stencil. If you do a rug, be sure to post about the experience and I might just be inspired :)

  3. I will definitely post the process if I get to do one soon. Ikea is pretty far from my little town but I hope to go soon!

  4. Seriously considering undertaking my own painted rug project - I'm loving Design*Sponge's pink and white design.

    Andrea x

  5. I love that one too! I don't have much pink in my house but the pattern is wonderful!


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