Thursday, October 13, 2011

me, a to z

I found this cute a-z about me from Dream Book Design and The Wiegand's. Both are new blogs to me and I am absolutely in love already! I thought this might be fun for a few that don't know me and a refresher course for those of you that do! haha! If you decide to do your own a to z about you, please leave me a link in a comment so I can get to know you too!!

A. age :: twenty.three

B. bed size ::queen

C. chore you hate :: cleaning. All of it! Am I too young for a housekeeper? 

D. dogs :: Berkley

E. essential start to your day :: Lucky Charms Cereal and give a little milk to Berk

F. favorite color :: GREEN

G. gold or silver ::both

H. height :: five.feet.eight & a half

I. instruments you play :: used to play the clarinet

J. job title :: wife and friend, interior designer and legal assistant

K. kids :: none yet

L. live :: Texarkana, Texas

M. maiden name :: Green

N. nicknames :: Laura Lou and Barbara Jane

O. overnight hospital stays :: none

P. pet peeve :: rude people and reckless drivers

Q. quote ::

"She is clothed in strength and dignity. And she laughs without fear of the future." {Proverbs 31:25}
"So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself." {Matthew 6:34}
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt
"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough"
R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: sister- Emily    brother- Hunter    brother- Nelson

T. time you wake up :: The alarm starts going off at 6:30 but I usually roll out of bed at 7 {on a good day}

U. university attended :: Stephen F. Austin State University and University of Central Arkansas

V. vegetables you dislike: ..... spinach and turnip greens .....

W. what makes you run late :: myself and the whole not getting out of bed when the alarm goes off thing

X. x-rays you’ve had :: I live a boring life- no broken bones... only teeth x-rays

Y. yummy food :: Poppy Seed Chicken, Steak, Edamame
and anything sweet!

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephants, giraffes and zebras


  1. This was fun to read. I will have to do it sometime soon. Oh and a few similarities we share--I used to play the clarinet, and I am also 5'8.5". ;) And Brekley is a cutie. So dang adorable.

  2. Laura,
    So glad you did this! So fun to get to know you!! Lucky charms are the best arent they..
    Dream Book Design


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