Friday, January 20, 2012

{Date Night} Pre-Planned Date Basket

I am so excited about one of the gifts I gave David for his birthday! It not only is a gift for him but I get to enjoy it as well!! I gave him a basket with a pre-planned date for every month this year!!
I know you have seen a few of these floating around on Pinterest! They were just too cute of an idea to pass up. My inspiration came from here and here!

My basket has 12 envelopes.  Each labeled with a month of the year.  And each envelope contains a pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date just for us.  Some dates will be simple dates at home, some are around our hometown and then a few are planned to be out-of-town getaways for the evening or weekend!! I tried to plan it to where if one month's date might be a little pricey, then the next month we take it easy and have an inexpensive but still fun date at home or around town! The plan is to open the envelope together at the beginning of the month, look at the calendar and decide on a date.  So right from the beginning of the month, we'll have a fun date on the calendar to look forward to.

Our first date is tonight!! David and I are both looking forward to a night of fun!

Check out our dates:
{Date Night} January
{Date Night} February
{Date Night} March 
{Date Night} March.... April
{Date Night} April  
{Date Night} May 
{Date Night} June 
{Date Night} July
{Date Night} August  
{Date Night} September
{Date Night} October
(I never got around to blogging about our last two dates)
November- Sketch and Sip Date- We went to Starbucks and had coffees while sketching out what we both wanted in our future home remodel.
December- Christmas Light Drive- We made hot chocolates and drove through town looking at all the Christmas lights.


  1. This is insanely adorable! Have fun on your first date night! :)

  2. This is so great! I can't wait to see what you have planned for date nights!


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