Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anthropologie Crush

Have you ever been to an Anthropologie? My first time was just earlier this year. I know -crazy- but tiny town East Texas doesn't have many Anthropologies around! I was amazed at some of the displays I saw when we visited in Philadelphia. Anthropologie hires some of the most creative people around. They're particularly resourceful at repurposing everyday objects into works of art. This would be my absolute dream job! Take a look at some of their amazing displays!
Parts of Furniture
Plastic Cups
Paper Chains
Coffee Cups
I think this is all paper?
Wine Corks
"This philosophy comes from the organic need to re-imagine and reinterpret what is already part of our environment," says Karen Heilbronner, Anthropologie's visual director, in Philadelphia. "We are always working with our presentations in a state of evolution, and that lends itself naturally to the reuse and redevelopment of existing material."
Scrap Wood on Outside of Philadelphia Store
Clothes Pins

Balloon Animals
Wine Corks
Scrap Wood

Isn't it all great! Just for kicks- Google "Anthropologie Displays"! You will see all of the amazing-ness I have been swooning over today! My latest project is Anthro inspired! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


  1. I LOVE Anthro. Fortunately for me, (and unfortunately for my wallet!) there is one about 5 minutes from our house. Even my husband likes to go in and check out their displays :)


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