Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Doors of Ukraine

We had a wonderful time in Ukraine visiting my brother-in-law and celebrating our first anniversary. Matt has been there for the past two years teaching English with the Peace Corps. We started in the capital, Kiev, and then went to Dnipropetrovsk, which is a larger town near where Matt has been living. We then spent three days in Odessa which is a lovely town on the coast of the Black Sea and then spent a day in Verhnyodniprovsk, the small town that Matt lives and teaches in, before traveling back to Kiev to fly home.

I have always had a thing for doors and windows when I travel! I was glad to see I was not the only person to snap tons of pictures of doors in foreign cities. Meredith at Welcome to Heardmont posted about The Doors of Paris from her recent trip abroad and it inspired me to do a post of the Doors of Ukraine.

I had my camera around my neck the entire trip and got a few crazy looks from my husband and brother-in-law as I snapped photo after photo of doors and windows. But these photos turned out to be some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

The Doors of Ukraine

The Windows of Ukraine

Which door is your favorite? Window?
 My favorite is the royal blue door and the green window!

This is not a door or window but I thought it was pretty!


  1. These are wonderful! I like the red door (with one pane missing) and I was going to say the 3rd window...but truthfully, I like the last one with the flowers in every window! What a fun post this was! Thanks so much!

  2. Great pictures friend!! My favorite is the red door and the green window!


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