Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long Time, No See!

Are you guys still out there? My goodness - I never meant to take this long of a break from blogging. See, the thing is - I haven't been doing much in terms of DIY or decorating of our flat here in South Africa (or at least not enough to make a decent blog post).  But over the last few months, I have been working behind the scenes on some of our biggest projects to date!

I mentioned earlier this year that David and I have been dreaming of big renovations for our home back in Texas. We have been busy drawing up plans, talking with contractors and playing with colors and finishes. I'm getting excited, y'all!!

Here is what our house looks like currently....

And here is how we would like it to look after renovations.

Some pretty big renovations are heading our way, and I'm looking forward to blogging about the progress as we get started on our home! In the meantime, I plan to share some of our mood boards and get your opinion on a few choices I'm stuck on!

My other big project is starting my own interior design business back home in Texarkana early next year.

I will be offering local full service design and also e-design services to anyone not living in the Texarkana area. I'm also working on a website and have had fun playing around a bit with my blog design. Markham Street Design is now part of Laura Orr Interiors.

Thanks for sticking with me as I took a little time off and check back for mood boards and design questions here soon!

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  1. YAH! So happy to see a post from you :) Looks like you a lot of exciting stuff coming up. I look forward to following along with both your remodel and your new business!! :)


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