Monday, October 28, 2013

First Things First - Master Bedroom Inspiration

As we are planning the timeline of our big renovation, we have decided to start working first in our master bedroom and bath. Although it is not really a part of the renovation, there are a few cosmetic upgrades we would like to make before diving head first in to all the dirty work. Call us crazy, but we are going to try and live in the house through the dust and demolition. That means it is important to us to have a place to 'escape' that isn't completely torn apart. A little retreat from the craziness just outside the door!

Speaking of retreat, my color inspiration for the room came from this painting by Michelle Armas. It is peaceful but still has a few pops of color which I love. Even the name, Heaven, just begs you to come in and relax. I would love to bring in navy, green, gray, light blue, fresh and airy whites with a touch of gold throughout the room.

Of course, that would require new bedding, curtains, art, etc. I love the idea of starting fresh... my husband - not so much. "Didn't you just buy new bedding a couple of years ago?" Hopefully he'll come around!

The "Master Bedroom Master Plan" will get underway before we start moving all of our stuff back in to the house. To keep us on track, here is a list of projects we hope to scratch off.

To - Do:
Scrape popcorn ceilings
Remove old carpeting and replace with new flooring
Close half wall between bedroom and bathroom and install barn door
Repaint walls, ceiling, trim and doors
Replace ceiling fan
New bedding (here's hoping!)
Bring in art, curtains, etc. 

These things won't happen overnight but we're hoping to at least knock out a few shortly after getting home! We may be asking Santa to help with painting... or even some new bedding : ) ! Do you have any tips for scraping ceilings or painting like the pros? We'll take any tips we can get!

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