Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Never Fails Word Art

I am back at a little DIY-ing this week while trying to finish up some projects in my master bedroom. My first project was more "word art". I know.... more word art! There is something about having sentimental or inspiring quotes or lyrics around your house to inspire or remind you of a special day that keep me making more (plus it is inexpensive)!

These words are the lyrics to the song we had sung at our wedding- "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath. It is a beautiful song!

I started with these frames that I picked up at my local thrift shop. I paid only $6.00 for each one and knew from the start what I wanted to do with them (just took me about 6 months to get around to it).

I loved all of the detail and color in the frames. The gold ties in well with a few of the other gold accents in my bedroom and the coral color (although it is reading as red in these pictures) look great with my coral euro shams.

I typed up the lyrics again in Microsoft Word and chose a pretty font on my computer. I chose a charcoal gray as the font color and then made the word "love" coral to match the colors in the frame. I then had my 8.5" x 11" sheet enlarged at a print shop in town to fit the size of the opening in the frame.- this cost me only about $1 per page!

Since it was an odd size, it was printed on an 11" x 17" paper. I trimmed off the extra paper to make it the size I needed to fit in the frame.

I then popped the art in the frame and smiled because I finally finished this simple project!

Such a great reminder of the best day of our lives! They are hanging over my nightstand for now! As soon as I finish up a few more projects, I'll reveal the room I have been working on for months! haha!

What is your favorite way to remember great quotes or lyrics? Do you have them all over your house like me? I am planning some actual "art" pieces soon!!

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  1. Very cute idea! I love the detail in those frames! What a find!

  2. This is such a sweet idea. I love the frames and the coral color detail. When my husband and I were married a friend of ours made something similar for us as a wedding gift. Visiting from 320 Sycamore.


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